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Our clients work with us to drive their business performance by leveraging cloud collaboration tools to constantly adapt to new ways of working, facilitate remote work and any technology that helps them streamline their operations

Automate Your Business

Automate your business

Integrate all your business areas and needs with an affordable, easy to use one-stop solution

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Create a Culture of Collaboration

Create a culture of collaboration

Implement the right technology to communicate, collaborate and get things done, anywhere

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Save 30% or more

Save 30% OR MORE on your IT costs

Transform your PCs and Macs into cloud-ready devices that are more secure and cost effective

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Keep Your Business Secure

Keep your business secure

Manage devices & users from anywhere. Protect your business from any potential threats

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 Make technology a key member of your team

We are the technology partner that understand your products, processes, and technologies, that pull it all together to produce the business results you want.

We not only understand technology, we see strategy as a concrete thing and we develop and execute the processes and the tactics.  As business owners, we also understand about marketing, sales, product development and project management.

We understand your product or service, we know your team by their names, we feel your wins and pains.

We are that partner who can cut through the fat and help you be more streamlined with your processes, who will save you time and money, who wants you to enjoy running your business.

Because, whether you like it or not, these days every company is a tech company to be competitive and to stay relevant, it is time to make the right technology part of your team.

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Cloud-Ready Devices

G Suite 

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Remote Work 

Running a business in Australia ?

We run the technology, you grow your Business

Lannex IT Solutions has been a trusted partner for SMBs in the Melbourne Metropolitan area since 2009. We provide proactive, innovative cloud-based solutions for clients all over Australia in many different industries, including construction, manufacturing, government, healthcare and retail, to mention some.

Our reason to be is to bring the most innovative technology that will help your team to do their best work, keep your business secure and reduce costs.

From now on, your only concern will be growing your business, making your clients happy and keep the vision that your team feels inspired to be part of.

Running a Business in Australia?
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