60 percent of companies that lose their data due to an attack or disaster will shut down within six months

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Security strategy is an essential part of any business

No matter what you need, we have the right protection to meet your
security strategy, providing a unified and accelerated response.

Lannex Titan Protection
Provides information to help you determine the most efficient security strategy.

Before deploying random security tools, you need to understand what are your needs.

Lannex Titan Protection scans your environments to identify security gaps and provide  information to help you determine the most efficient security strategy. The solution  combines intelligent profiling and alerting technology with support from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), which empowers you to build and enforce end-to-end security policies.

With advanced profiling, risk scoring and identification of gaps in coverage, you can quickly  shine a light on defining policies on your environment.

Lannex Titan Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
An advanced endpoint security solution that addresses the needs of your organisation to combat  cyber threats.

Are you looking for threat protection, remediation, incident response, or managed detection and response?

We have the resources in our security operations centre to power all of it. With Lannex Titan Endpoint Security, monitoring your environment, detecting malicious threats and quickly remediating every attack, all while reducing risk to your business. Lannex provides all that with a 24/7 global SOC service.

With coverage from multi-variant ransomware attacks to the latest cryptomining infiltrations, advanced endpoint threat management from Lannex, coupled with SOC monitoring and remediation services stop active threats and minimise harm – and it’s all backed by a $1m ransomware warranty.

Lannex Titan Network Security   
For businesses that  need to get a deeper view of network based activities and meet compliance requirements.

With cyber attacks becoming more prevalent, businesses of all sizes need visibility across  their entire network to spot malicious activities. Through automated correlation and a unified  experience, your are able to keep a step ahead of the attackers on your network.

Lannex provides advanced SIEM services with real-time alerting, importing of log records  and activity monitoring, where you can easily be compliant  while keeping your environment safe.

With Lannex Titan Network Security you have the right solution to meet any security compliance requirements. Collect and analyse information from network devices, manage device logs, process alerts and keep log retention to assure your business is covered  for regulatory requests.

Lannex Titan Recover
Disruptions and downtime are the quickest ways to lose customers.

With Lannex Titan Recover you can ensure operations run smoothly no matter what challenges arise, while simultaneously reducing administrative overhead.

Get all the tools and flexible, secure, always-on options you need to keep your organisation humming such as persistent back-up to advanced restoration, cloud storage and real-time virtualisation.

Don’t let a disaster ruin your day... or your organisation

Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

The best way to make sure your sensitive business data is protected from cybercriminals is to be prepared.

Our team of security experts are here to support your business 24x7x365 to ensure that no matter what type of threat enters your network, we can help keep your business secure and running.

Download our Cybersecurity checklist to find if you are ready.

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