Lannex is changing the journey  to the Cloud in a meaningful  way

SMBs are the force behind any economy in the world, creating real innovation that helps to change the world

We drive their business performance by leveraging cloud collaboration technologies so every person in the business has a balanced live

Meet our Team

Alex Ferrer

Cloud Advisor & Managing Partner, Alex is the driving force behind Lannex Cloud Solutions. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of new technologies, how to market them and creating an extraordinary customer experience.

Pedro Chan

Development Director, Pedro loves innovation and taking on challenges. With his wide experience as Development Director in the software industry, Pedro has helped Lannex to get where it is today. Pedro is among the best minds in the industry and his warm nature makes working with an enjoyable experience.

Carlos Orjuela

Cloud Advisor

Jose Rangel

Technical Support

Fernando Mendoza

 Networks & Security Expert

Mariana Suarez

Marketing Manager

Alessandra San Vicente

Senior Business Analyst

Lorena Gonzalez

Customer Service Representative