Remote Work

Enable your team to do their best work, even when working from home

Has your business adopted remote work in the right way?

  • Are your devices properly set up, configured, and in the hands of the employees that need them?

  • Have you considered all the operational costs of a more permanent remote workforce?

  • Have you assessed the real risk of cyber-attacks as a result of employees using their own devices and WiFi network?

  • Are you properly managing your data security, adhering to company policies while delivering a seamless employee experience?

  • Are your employees accessing the information, data and systems that they need as if they were in the office?

  • Are you keeping your team genuinely engaged and connected?

Chrome Enterprise
The most comprehensive remote work solution

Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure platform that provides the OS, browser, and devices that remote workers need to be effective and productive. 

Whether your organisation is supporting workers that are cloud-ready or a workforce that needs access to Windows or Mac applications through virtualized desktops, with Chrome Enterprise, you will:

Deploy devices fast

Deploy  cloud-ready devices  quickly with cloud-based profiles that download users’ policies, apps, settings, and bookmarks. Resume your work where you left it.

Secure data, devices and users

Cloud-ready devices  have built-in security to help protect from external threats, security patches can be deployed over WiFi, and IT can remotely disable devices if needed.

Keep costs low

Save 30% or more per device annually through reduced employee downtime, fewer security breaches and reduced hardware and licensing costs.  See how much you can save with  cloud-ready devices

*Source: ESG whitepaper

Manage your infrastructure remotely and centrally

Manage devices and users from anywhere with the Google Admin console. You can easily enforce policies, configure device settings, provide access to VPNs, and force install Chrome apps and extensions across Chrome Browser and OS, or  we can do it for you.

Deliver the apps that your team need

Employees can access the apps they need through Chrome Browser, the managed Google Play Store, or VDI solutions. Chromebooks also go hand-in-hand with  G Suite  or Microsoft 365 and other productivity, collaboration and meeting solutions.

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