Make a smooth transition to the home-office quarantine
how are you supporting your team?
8 June, 2021 by
Make a smooth transition to the home-office quarantine
Carlos Orjuela
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It is indeed a time of unprecedented changes and uncertainty, where we, as business owners, are facing challenges and have been forced to make decisions, in a matter of days, some that perhaps never thought or considered possible.

We understand that these unique circumstances are making you (and the majority of business leaders in companies of all sizes) to make the health and wellbeing of your team, clients and providers, your main priority and, home offices look like the only way to go for the time being and "until further notice".

I found important to write about this today as we are receiving many requests to support our clients with this transition. It is one of our main areas of expertise and a big passion of mine. So I thought you might find valuable these ideas, seen from different perspectives, on how to support your team to successfully move to a home-office environment and enjoy working together no matter what.

health & wellbeing

  • Invite your team to create a dedicated workspace and make sure their set up is following ergonomics and safety basics.

  • Provide your employees with a guide on how to transition to a home office and how to balance their work and personal life

  • Check-in with your employees on a weekly basis to see how are they going and if they require any assistance (do it authentically)

  • Encourage your team to move and pause regularly

  • Be respectful with their personal time by setting specific online times.


  • Communicate clearly with your team on what is it expected from them while working from home (set goals and KPIs not time-frames).

  • Suggest working in periods of 40 minutes completely focused on one task and take 15 min break. Soon they will realise how much more you can achieve if you focus your whole attention and energy into something (even in small periods of time).

  • Support them to create a routine that works for them and how to stick to it.

  • Set specific times for virtual meetings and do it in advance (so they can organise more easily).

  • Focus on creating a clear and engaging company culture. People want to be part of something that excites them and is creating value to others. Be the culture you want to create.

  • Make a strong emphasis on team collaboration. We love G-Suite to collaborate within our company. With instant feedback available, a quick and easy messaging system, and real-time access to project information and schedules, your team will feel like they are all in the same office.


  • Offer easy to use technology. It can be hard to be productive when you are required to use complicated technology.

  • Video conferencing, chat, email, and shared documents are all essential tools for helping a remote workforce stay connected. Be sure your employees have access to the right apps with the right permissions to avoid downtime. It’s a good idea to make sure managed devices have the right policies for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and virtual private network (VPN) access, as well as network certificates (for managed devices enrolled in your organization).

    For example, Hangouts Meet helps people stay connected while remote; to help businesses and schools stay connected, Google recently announced they’re providing the most advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities at no cost to G Suite and G Suite for Education organizations.

  • Make sure their internet connection works well and is capable for their work requirements.

In 2009, I started Lannex IT Solutions with the strong intention of providing small businesses with amazing yet affordable technology that made their life and work easier, their team more connected and make the most of the resources they have. For all these years, it amazes me the passion, resilience and ability entrepreneurs and business leader, like you, have to persevere through change. While these are indeed challenging times, we are in this together. Know that we’re here for you and yours, our team is ready to serve and support you.

Make a smooth transition to the home-office quarantine
Carlos Orjuela 8 June, 2021
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